Our caviar tray: Shredded egg yolk and whites, Capers, Creme fraiche, Shallots lightly marinated in red wine vinegar and toast.


This year we chose five different types of oysters to try: Pemaquid Mooky Blue, Basket Island, Montauk Pearl, Saint Simon (our favorite), and Wellfleet Fieldpoint.

Our Cheese plate: Raw Morbier, Cornichons, Manchego, Serrano ham (sliced paper thin using our industrial meat slicer)  Gaeta olives and Lesley Stowe raincoast crisps.


Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful New Years Eve! While New Years Eve is normally a fun excuse to get dressed up and go to a party, I have found it can be a major let down! We tend to have so  many expectation for events and they don’t always play out the way we hoped. Inevitably someone gets sick or cannot find a babysitter. So six years ago while I was very pregnant with my first son my husband and I decided to stay in and go all out with the hors d’leuvres. We had such a fun time watching movies and stuffing ourselves, that it has become a tradition in our house. This year we decided on oysters, which my husband shucked himself (thankfully there were no injuries!), a cheese plate and caviar. After we put the kids to bed we watched reruns of Miami Vice, my husbands favorite show, and finished just in time to watch the ball drop in Times square. It was the perfect way to end 2016.

Author: Katie